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  1. অংশ
    part, link, section, side, interest, share, lot, region, division, respect, piece, quantity, percentage, concern, portion, segment, portions, segments, parcel, allotment, whack, locality, snack, compartment, quota, thwack, cahoot, whack, parte, partes
  2. ভাগ
    part, section, share, lot, division, piece, percentage, partition, divide, allotment, whack, fragment, snack, dole, quota, thwack, pane
  3. বণ্টন করিয়া দেওয়া
  4. বাড়ি মারা
    strike, whack
  5. জোরে আঘাতের শব্দ
    whack, thwack
  6. খট করিয়া মারা
  7. খটখট করিয়া আঘাত
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English to English
    whack (n.) A smart resounding blow.
    whack (v. i.) To strike anything with a smart blow.
    whack (v. t.) To strike; to beat; to give a heavy or resounding blow to; to thrash; to make with whacks.