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  1. অংশ
    part, link, section, side, interest, share, lot, region, division, respect, piece, quantity, percentage, concern, portion, segment, portions, segments, parcel, allotment, whack, locality, snack, compartment, quota, thwack, cahoot, whack, parte, partes
  2. ভাগ
    part, section, share, lot, division, piece, percentage, partition, divide, allotment, whack, fragment, snack, dole, quota, thwack, pane
  3. জল
    water, stream, rain, hydrogen, aqua, ruined, refreshment, snack, exhausted, wasted, thinned, liquefied, cooled, comforted, mixed with water, adam's ale, adam's wine, hydro
  4. হিস্যা
    share, portion, snack
  5. কামড়
    bit, pain, bite, snack, sting
  6. হালকা জলখাবার
    lunch, snack
  7. জলখাবার
    refreshment, snack, tiffin, refection
  8. উপাহার
    snack, tiffin, light repast
  9. জলপান
    snack, drinking water
Bangla Academy Dictionary
English to English
    snack (v. t.) A share; a part or portion; -- obsolete, except in the colloquial phrase, to go snacks, i. e., to share.
    snack (v. t.) A slight, hasty repast.