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  1. অংশ
    part, link, section, side, interest, share, lot, region, division, respect, piece, quantity, percentage, concern, portion, segment, portions, segments, parcel, allotment, whack, locality, snack, compartment, quota, thwack, cahoot, whack, parte, partes
  2. ভাগ
    part, section, share, lot, division, piece, percentage, partition, divide, allotment, whack, fragment, snack, dole, quota, thwack, pane
  3. খণ্ড
    part, section, region, copy, volume, cut, piece, percentage, portion, plot, allotment, fragment, quota, shred, lobe, chunk, flinders, flinders
  4. টুকরো
    percentage, allotment, quota
  5. প্রাপ্য বা প্রদেয় আবশ্যিক বা নির্দিষ্ট ভাগ
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    quota (n.) A proportional part or share; the share or proportion assigned to each in a division.