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  1. ভাগ্য
    line, lot, chance, destination, luck, weird, fortune, fate, destiny, fortunate, blessing, bliss, joss, fate, kismet, blessedness
  2. নিয়তি
    lot, portion, heaven, weird, fortune, karma, doom, destiny, decree, decrees, kismet
  3. কপাল
    lot, front, luck, doom, skull, fate, brow, forehead, cranium, kismet
  4. অদৃষ্ট
    lot, chance, luck, fortune, fate, destiny, unseen, undiscovered, kismet, delitescent
  5. কার্যসিদ্ধি
    success, luck, completion of work, consummation of task
  6. দৈব
    chance, luck, venture, fortune, divine, hazard, providence, destiny, heavenly, accidental, haphazard, hap, miraculous, providential
  7. তকদির
    luck, fate
  8. নসিব
    luck, fortune, fate
  9. পড়তা
    luck, fortune, approximation, cost of production
  10. দৈবযোগ
    chance, accident, providence, destiny
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    luck (n.) That which happens to a person; an event, good or ill, affecting one's interests or happiness, and which is deemed casual; a course or series of such events regarded as occurring by chance; chance; hap; fate; fortune; often, one's habitual or characterist