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  1. মঙ্গল
    good, interest, benefit, welfare, weal, blessing, well-being, mars, godsend, bliss, god-speed, blessedness, tuesday, tué
  2. কল্যাণ
    good, happy, benefit, welfare, beneficial, favourable, favorable, prosperity, blessing, well-being, bliss, doing good, giving health, giving prosperity, blessedness
  3. ভাগ্য
    line, lot, chance, destination, luck, weird, fortune, fate, destiny, fortunate, blessing, bliss, joss, fate, kismet, blessedness
  4. সিদ্ধি
    success, achievement, hash, blessing, bliss, joss, consummation, attainment, realization, fulfillment, fulfilment, fruition, blessedness, hashish, hasheesh
  5. সুখ
    comfort, glory, happiness, weal, bliss, enjoyment, complacency, blessedness, complacence, felicity
  6. পরম সুখ
    heaven, blessing, bliss, beatitude, blessedness
  7. সৌভাগ্য
    prosperity, bonanza, blessing, bliss, joss, hap, blessedness, good fortune, good luck
  8. স্বর্গসুখ
    blessing, bliss, beatitude, blessedness
  9. স্বর্গবাস
  10. স্বর্গীয় আনন্দ
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    bliss (n.) Orig., blithesomeness; gladness; now, the highest degree of happiness; blessedness; exalted felicity; heavenly joy.