Bangla Dictionary - বাংলা অভিধান


  1. উপকার
    service, good, office, benefit, profit, advantage, percentage, behalf, favor, favour, avail, stead, weal, blessing, well-being, behoof, benefaction, well-doing
  2. হিত
    good, welfare, blessing, well-being
  3. মঙ্গল
    good, interest, benefit, welfare, weal, blessing, well-being, mars, godsend, bliss, god-speed, blessedness, tuesday, tué
  4. কল্যাণ
    good, happy, benefit, welfare, beneficial, favourable, favorable, prosperity, blessing, well-being, bliss, doing good, giving health, giving prosperity, blessedness
  5. ভাগ্য
    line, lot, chance, destination, luck, weird, fortune, fate, destiny, fortunate, blessing, bliss, joss, fate, kismet, blessedness
  6. বর
    excellent, greatest, husband, desired, blessing, bridegroom, groom, boon, benediction
  7. সিদ্ধি
    success, achievement, hash, blessing, bliss, joss, consummation, attainment, realization, fulfillment, fulfilment, fruition, blessedness, hashish, hasheesh
  8. পরম সুখ
    heaven, blessing, bliss, beatitude, blessedness
  9. সৌভাগ্য
    prosperity, bonanza, blessing, bliss, joss, hap, blessedness, good fortune, good luck
  10. আশীর্বাদ
    blessing, boon, benediction, benison, felicity
  11. ঈশ্বরের কৃপা
  12. স্বর্গসুখ
    blessing, bliss, beatitude, blessedness
  13. আশিস্
    blessing, benediction
English to English
    blessing (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Bless
    blessing (v. t.) A declaration of divine favor, or an invocation imploring divine favor on some or something; a benediction; a wish of happiness pronounces.
    blessing (v. t.) A gift.
    blessing (v. t.) A means of happiness; that which promotes prosperity and welfare; a beneficent gift.
    blessing (v. t.) Grateful praise or worship.
    blessing (v. t.) The act of one who blesses.