Bangla Dictionary - বাংলা অভিধান


  1. সম্পর্কে
    of, on, by, at, about, over, re, after, regarding, with respect to, in respect of, as regards, in regard to, in relation to, touching, respecting, with reference to
  2. বিষয়ে
    of, on, about, over, re, regarding, concerning, as regards, quoad, as for, as to, with reference to, in point of, in the way of
  3. উপর
    on, up, top, over, above, upon, extra, surface, upper, roof, upward
  4. উপরে
    on, over, above, upon, highly, overhead, atop, upstairs, aloft
  5. ঊর্ধ্বে
    on, over, high, above, overhead, upwards, aloft
  6. ওপরে
    on, over, above, atop, upstairs, aloft, on to
  7. উপরি
    on, over, then, above, upon, upper, sur, overhead, thereafter, perfunctory, bribe, perquisite, adjunct, supra, adjuncts
  8. অতিরিক্ত
    new, more, other, over, additional, plus, super, extra, accessory, alternate, besides, spare, surplus, excessive, accessary, exceeding, farther, excrescent, adventitious, accessorial, auxilliary, clinking, intense, more than enough, overmuch, exorbitant, inordinate, run-on, redundant, adjective, superfluous, supernumerary, supererogatory, expletive
  9. অধিক
    more, over, many, much, additional, excessive, more than, exceeding, too much, immoderate, superfluous, too many, over-, mickle
  10. আড়াআড়িভাবে
    over, across, athwart, crosswise, crossways, broadwise, broadways, breadthwise, breadthways
  11. অপর পাশে
  12. অপর ধারে
    over, across
  13. অতি
    over, outside, excellent, beyond, particularly, extremely, greatly, excessive, vastly, exceptionally, awfully, very improper, amain, excessively, anxiously, going beyond, over-, improperly, improper amount, excessive amount
  14. অতিমাত্রায়
    extremely, overmuch
  15. সবটা
    over, whatever, whatsoever
  16. সমস্তটা
    over, lot
  17. আগাগোড়া
    through, alpha and omega, from beginning to end, from head to foot, from top to bottom
  18. ঊর্ধ্বস্থ
    over, high, above, upper, superior, overhead, heavenly
  19. ঊর্ধ্বস্থিত
    over, high, above, upper, superior, overhead, heavenly
  20. ঊর্ধ্বতন
    over, higher, former, upper, superior, high-ranking
  21. উদ্বৃত্ত
    over, surplus, overplus
  22. অত্যধিক
    over, great, too, far, extremely, terrible, excessive, exceeding, exceedingly, very much, obsessive, undue, too much, hugely, steep, overmuch, confoundedly, dizzy, immoderate, thumping, exorbitant, unmerciful, inordinate, extravagant, immoderate, intemperate, unconscionable, troppo